Imperial Oil and PCL

Imperial Oil and PCL have saved time, removed duplication and improved performance and workflow by implementing Orbit to manage their workstreams.

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PCL is a prime contractor on the IOL Kearl Oil Sands project. Kearl is a world-class oil sands mining project with 4.6 billion barrels of bitumen resource and a project lifespan of over 40 years. Orbit was selected as the Completions and Commissioning Management System by IOL for the Kearl Expansion Phase and all subsequent development projects at the facility, acting as a cornerstone for completions activity for several years.

The Challenge

PCL maintain their own ITR register which maps to the engineering data contained within Orbit. Traditionally, PCL would have to complete entries in both their internal system and Orbit to reflect the status of their completed ITRs, resulting in duplicated effort and a delay reporting current status.

The Solution

PCL and IOL approached OCCMS to devise a solution which would reduce duplication, make transfer near-instantaneous, increase visibility of the data across the entire project, and be open and flexible enough to be rolled out to other contractors over time. After analysing the problem and the desired outcomes, OCCMS proposed a highly flexible, XML-based export and import system which simplified data transfer for both Orbit and the internal PCL system, was simple to operate from a user perspective and had an open architecture for future expansion. Design to development phase was only three days, and primary development was completed in just five days, for a total of a 10-day turnaround for the project, including QA and testing. Two days of remedial development and functional changes required by the client were undertaken and the system went live well within target times.


ITRs are now completed within PCL’s internal software package and then exported via an open XML format for direct import within Orbit.

PCL can now align the status of their internal tool at any point with Orbit, bringing the project-wide Orbit system up-to-date with no duplication. The project has standardised the daily transfer of information into Orbit and the benefits have been instantaneous by removing the input backlog and providing visibility to the entire project via ITR completion status.

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