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Orbit is our completions and commissioning management system software application.


Orbit commissioning software is revolutionising the ‘right to left’ project management approach for many of our key clients in the energy, clean energy, built environment, life sciences, mining, and defence sectors. With state-of-the-art technology and developed in-house on the latest commissioning software platforms, Orbit helps to drive and underpin excellence in project management and delivery.


Maximum flexibility and useability

Orbit provides maximum ease of use and flexibility, offering live and remote reporting, advance work packaging, paperless execution and paperless handover that will drive early warning and efficient execution on any project, across a range of disciplines. Fully supported by our team in the UK, Orbit has been designed with an easy to use interface. It can be Windows or web based and hosted internally or externally. Orbit can be utilised as a standard off-the-shelf product or customised by selecting a choice of modules from the user-friendly interface.

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Why choose Orbit?

Paperless completions

No more lost or damaged paperwork from the field. Orbit can execute fully paperless at check sheet, punch, procedure, workpack and handover dossier levels. Download comprehensive and fully-automated reports at the touch of a button.

Advanced Work Packaging

Orbit crushes the traditional timescales taken to create any type of ‘digitised’ work pack, gain the necessary approvals and assign it to the work face personnel to execute and close out.

Advanced Procedure

Orbit significantly reduces the time it takes to create, approve, assign, execute and close out any kind of procedure (dynamic commissioning, start-up, performance test, etc) by fully digitising the whole process.

Latest API Interfacing

Orbit can talk and share live data with any program or intermediary software deployed on project in order for the digitised asset and associated data processes to achieve “enter once use many times” objectives.

Competence Based Access

Orbit offers different levels of access depending on the competence requirements of the activities contained within Orbit and the “Competas” approved competencies of the individual users within the Orbit community.

Equipment Preservation

Plan ahead with Orbit to ensure your equipment level assets will still operate when needed and remain within supplier guarantee requirements.

Electronic Handover Dossiers

Orbit’s digitisation functionality doesn't end at paperless execution, advanced work packaging and procedures. Orbit can also create your handover dossiers at the touch of a button - leaving the days of printing and filing in the past.

Joint Integrity

No more hand transfer of values from flange management contractor sheets to completions sheet. Orbit can be used as a Joint Integrity system for smaller projects to keep system costs appropriate and scaleable.

What else can Orbit do?

A tried and tested industry standard system with over 12 years of track record globally

Dashboard: At-a-glance view of project KPIs

Database: Robust and highly scalable industry-standard database

Checksheet: A choice of hard copy, field check (multiple) and electronic sign off inspection forms

Certification: Handover and sign-off capabilities through all project phases

Scanning: Unique barcode identification for single or bulk check sheet scanning and placement

Punchlist and Technical Queries: Record and respond to all damage and non-conformance issues

Reporting: Powerful and intelligent reporting functionality

Document Storage: Centralise and manage all asset mechanical completion documentation

Community: Understand and govern the entire project team

Management of Change: Track and manage all database change, punches, snagging, queries and non-conformances.

Test Equipment: Track the condition of all mobilised test equipment and receive warnings about equipment not fit for use

Handovers: High quality handovers and turnovers all the way through to Operations handover.

Loops: Dedicated Orbit function for the reporting of readiness for dynamic commissioning

Orbit at the heart of our OCCMS Services

As well as our state-of-the-art Orbit software, OCCMS also offers a wide range of services designed to achieve the best outcome for your completions, commissioning and project management delivery.

Greenfield or New Build Project Configuration

Orbit configurations out of the box to suit all your project needs.

For Medium to High tag count projects with pre-configured handover certs, associated checksheets/ITRs (Construction and Pre-Commissioning), pre-configured terminology, punch list settings and preservation routines.

Single pass-through handover process.

Brownfield and Upgrade Engineered Mods Configuration

For Low to Med tag count engineered modifications with pre-configured handover certs, associated checksheets/ITRs (Construction and Pre-Commissioning), pre-configured terminology, punch list settings and preservation routines.

Multiple pass-through handover process to handle multiple scopes per asset or region of assets.

Includes plant reconfiguration projects, shutdowns/turnarounds and repair orders.

Decommissioning Project and Deconstruct Scope Configuration

For distinct decommissioning (engineer down and clean – EDC) projects with pre-configured handover certs, associated checksheets/ITRs (isolate, decommission, disconnect, and remove) and pre-configured terminology.

Also handles deconstruct handovers as part of brownfield modifications (see above) in the same instance of Orbit.

Multiple pass-through handover process to handle multiple scopes per asset or region of assets.

Operations Readiness Configuration

For 'operations readiness assurance' or verification campaigns with pre-configured handover or verification certs, associated plan, and sub-plan checksheets/ITRs (link to “start-up and operations support” page) and pre-configured terminology.

Handover process designed to complement all types of greenfield start-up and brownfield re-start verification levels all in the same instance of Orbit.

link to “start-up and operations support” page - click here

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