Successful project delivery: How OCCMS can help

Delivering a successful project takes the right balance of people and procedures. If a team, a process or a contractor isn’t delivering, cracks can soon begin to show. Projects can fall months behind schedule, resulting in delays.

Technology in Engineering: Pre-Commissioning Software and More

From the data management systems to robots and drones, OCCMS will explore the expansion of technology in the engineering industry. Find out more on site.

Project Completions: Why Departments Are Resisting Change

There are many reasons for not embracing change within both business management and project delivery.

OCCMS welcomes Steve Drummond and Jamie Japp in new staff roles

As OCCMS gears up for further growth, we get the chance to meet Steve Drummond and Jamie Japp, we ask them some questions about their new roles with OCCMS.

How Technology Is Taking the Engineering Industry to the Next Level

Technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, driving important changes in people’s private and professional lives. Most sectors are continuously adapting to several innovations, and the engineering field is no exception.

How to Monitor Productivity and Connectivity Within Your Business

Preserving connectivity and productivity has always been a crucial component for modern businesses to stay afloat and remain competitive in challenging market environments.

Early Engagement in the Engineering Sector

In the complex and challenging world of engineering, there is no denying that employing a “left-to-right thinking” methodology is essential.

Stacking Up the Problems: What is Challenging Construction Engineers?

Over the past couple of years, we have been put to the test in several ways. The pandemic has affected both our pockets and our overall well-being and it continues to pose a fair few challenges.

Skilful Project Leaders in the Making: What Qualities Do You Need?

The world continues to evolve at a rapid pace, and we are all expected to keep up to speed with its innovations. You are asked to stay on top of the latest technological developments, while also feeding and enriching your skills on a constant basis.

OCCMS success defies COVID pressures and downturn in Oil and Gas industry

OCCMS decision to re-expand its services arm with re-engagement of previous MD pays dividends despite the current climate.

Orion Group and OCCMS form Metrum partnership with Metering Specialists

Metrum metering specialist services division formed for the provision of fiscal and process metering expertise and solutions.

OCCMS teams up with Dexcrest for provision of Competency Managed Completions and Commissioning services

Specialist Commissioning firm Dexcrest joins Orion Group and OCCMS for a joint service underpinned both by technology and competence management.

OCCMS to expand services arm into North America, Middle East and AsiaPac

Successful 2020 for OCCMS triggers expansion of services into new geographic regions

Commissioning Test Procedures successfully delivered to OCCMS’s clients over the last 18 months sparks innovative development of Orbit software

OCCMS’s successful Commissioning Test Procedure writing service is to be expanded into a fully digitised solution for use in the field.

Large 5 year Brownfield Completions and Commissioning support services contract acquired with EPC consortium for North Sea assets

OCCMS has secured a long-term contract with an EPC consortium for the supply of Brownfield Completions and Commissioning support services.