Tuesday, 02 March 2021

Completions Management Software

In today’s modern project execution environment, like never before, cost, time and resources face the most stringent of demands and an ever more increasing need for visibility, transparency, accuracy and above all else accountability. The cost, time and effort required to successfully implement such a system, will be far outweighed by the benefits that will be gained in terms of overall management and project control.

Complete multi-platform solution – from the office or 'on the go'

Orbit is a structured control tool with three primary functions:

  • An electronic warehouse for the storage of data
  • A system for monitoring task accomplishment
  • A means of reporting the Completion status of an item, system, plant and ultimately the project.

Monitor Performance, on the move...

Project management effectiveness and the ability to ‘perform to plan’ has led to the need to make the most of modern technology and develop tools and systems which will support delivery and guarantee product integrity to the eventual asset owner and/or operator.

Orbit is such a tool and through advances made in skills and communications it is now possible to construct such a system.


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